Guidelines for submitting the manuscripts:

        [1] The manuscripts should be in MS-Word 97-2003 or 2007 format in A4 size.

        [2] The margins of the document should be 1” on all four sides.

        [3] Use “Times New Roman”, 12 font size for the documents.

        [4] The title of the article should be in 16 font size.

        [5] The headings of paragraphs should be of 14 font size.

        [6] All the tables, charts and graphs in the manuscript should be continuously numbered in Roman letters accordingly.

        [7] Use 1.5 spacing between the lines.

        [8] Indicate clearly the name(s) of the author(s) below the title of the article and the details of the author(s) should be                       mentioned at the  footnotes in the first page.

        [9] References should be cited properly at the end of the article.

        [10] The total number of pages should be restricted to a maximum of 10. 

international Journal of Decision Making in Management